Every person involved in the event organization, including athletes, coaches and national representatives must sign daily at the COVID-19 registration Tent. This tent will be mounted at the venue access near Race Office.

It’s mandatory to perform an Antigenic or PCR swap, at least 72 hours before the athlete’s and team’s travel to the event. The test’s results should be uploaded to the Athlete’s Profile in the World Triathlon system. 

Daily Registration


Every delegation member must submit to temperature and oxygen level check daily:

> 37,5ºC
You will have to measure it again in 5 minutes. If the temperature doesn´t go below 37,5ºC the procedure will be repeated one more time and, if it maintains the same you will be taken to the Isolation Tent.
< 95%
You will face same procedure and, if the level does not change after 3 attempts, you will be taken to the Isolation Tent.

After checking temperature and oxygen level you will have to fill and sign the Responsibility Term attesting you have no COVID-19 symptoms or background.


If everything is ok you will receive a daily bracelet that you must use during your stay at the venue. Athletes are only allowed to remove that bracelet at the line-up and a new one will be given at Recovery zone, after the finish.


From this point athletes will have to use surgical mask (organization will provide) everywhere in the Race Venue, except when competing.


Athlete’s Guide

Athletes and Teams can find all detailed information related to Covid-19 safety protocols here. 

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This stage of the competition will unfold over the course of 3 days and several events. Find out about all the different schedules here.

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