The start area is in Marvila, in the Tagus River and it will be a pontoon start. In the starting line athletes must stand in a starting position approximately 100cm wide. The Head Referee with the assistance of ITU Technical Officials, who are assigned to the start, will start each race.
The athletes are required to leave their last-minute gear at Athletes’ Lounge and they must keep their surgical mask until their introduction.


  • Tagus River
  • 300M
  • 2 laps
  • High Tide
  • Slightly Favorable Current
  • 17ºc – 19ºc


  • 3500m
  • 2 laps
  • 600m uphill, 4-8% gradient
  • Some 90º narrow turns


  • 850m
  • 2 laps
  • Totally flat

Wheel Station

There will be 1 wheel station on the bike course.
It will be situated near transition, in a place where athletes pass in the middle and on the end of each lap.

  • The volunteers and TOs present at that location must not have any contact with the team wheels. The team representatives are responsible for disinfecting the wheels prior to depositing them at the wheel station. An athlete in need of a spare wheel will be directed by the TO to the proper wheel which can be picked up by the athlete;
  • The wheel that is left behind by the athlete will be disinfected by the TO before being deposited at the station;
  • Technical officials will wear masks/mouth-nose face covering and rubber/disposable gloves.

Aid stations

There will be 2 aid station per lap, being one at the beginning and the other halfway of each lap.
Sealed bottles water will be handed out.

Finish Area

  • Timing chip removal must be done by the athlete, who must deposit the timing chip to a specific bin close to the exit of the post-finish area.
  • Medalist photo at the post-finish area is not allowed.
  • All recovery stations will be self-served.
  • Food provided will be individually wrapped.
  • Massage facilities will not be provided.
  • Athletes must avoid lying or sitting down on the blue carpet (without any medical need/problems). A minimum number of volunteers will be available to support the athletes and make sure that the athletes are not congregating at the post finish area. These volunteers will wear rubber/disposable gloves and masks/mouth-nose face covering.
  • Masks will be distributed to the athletes to wear at their earliest convenience. 


Athletes’ Guide

All necessary information, for athletes and teams, regarding this stage of the competition can be found here.

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